By cclayton 06 Sep, 2015
Are you more comfortable with one regular cleaner in your home, or are you okay with a group of cleaners?

It’s about trust, accountability, and relationship.

“The biggest advantage of having one person come on each visit is trust” says Amanda Thomas via her Domestic CEO blog. “You can get to know the person easier because he or she will be at your house consistently.” “Plus,” Thomas points out, “if something disappears or gets broken, you know who is accountable.” The how to blog Enlighten Me declares “the same person ... cleaning your house each time.. is a better arrangement than having a parade of strangers going in and out of your home.

Typical maid service business models make it difficult to provide one regularly assigned cleaner per home .

For many, the ideal solution to outsourcing your house cleaning: Same cleaner, each time. Finding and hiring one regular cleaner for your home? Well, the challenges are immense. Typical maid service business models often fail when promising one regular cleaner per home because of high turnover, poor working conditions, a preference toward team-cleaning, and over booking.

The legal issues in hiring independent cleaners are complex.

Alternatively, hiring independents can be fraught with legal issues. Says Robert and Kathryn Kraft, attorneys writing for the American Bar Association blog: “Consider just the most obvious legal factors. You may be entering into a binding contract with someone you barely know. You may be responsible for paying the person wages.” Further, independent household cleaners may be considered as employees, not contractors such as when a plumber makes a repair in your home. So, you may be liable for their negligence, or you may be in violation of the law regarding illegal employment which can result in both civil and criminal penalties. Not to mention that your home owners policy may not cover your home if the housekeeper makes major damages to your home such as with wood floors or stone.

Green & Clean was built from the ground up to deliver one regular cleaner per home.

Green & Clean assigns one cleaner per home on a regular basis without the risk of hiring an independent house cleaner. Unlike many maid service companies, “our entire business model revolves around delivering green house cleaning with one cleaner per home” says Cheryl Clayton, Owner and Founder of Green & Clean. “We are the safe solution to finding a one quality cleaner for your regular cleaning schedule.”

Systems designed to oversee key quality points of individual cleaners.

Green & Clean’s business systems are designed to deliver the best green cleaning with one person per home. Green & Clean monitors and controls product usage, time spent in your home via GPS, and insures you are notified if a cleaner is out sick or damages an item. All insurance, take care of tax withholding, worker’s compensation are paid. Plus wages are tied to the living wage index for Georgia. Background checks and safety training are updated each year. Clayton points out that “we screen hundreds of applicants per year to find a handful of wonderful cleaners”.

Green & Clean eliminates the uneasy feeling of finding strangers in your home cleaning.

Remember how it felt to come home and find a cleaner sent by your maid service whom you don’t recognize? Or, how concerned you were to find that the independent cleaner you hired has brought family members into your home to “help out”? This won’t happen with Green & Clean. “We guarantee you will not find another cleaner or person in your home without your approval” says Clayton.    

Check out the other benefits of working with Green & Clean for your house cleaning: What’s included ?   Or, try our new Instant Quote and receive an offer for $25 off your first cleaning.  

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