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October 30 2009

Green & Clean is an awesome cleaning company! ....After that cleaning, the owner of the company, Cheryl, who is awesome, personally reaches back out and based on feedback from your cleaner...We have our cleaner, Nicole.. (she) is a God send! The time we save by not having to clean ourselves and the subsequent arguments that would SURELY follow are worth every penny we pay per cleaning. 

Stephanie W
June 25 2010

I've been using Green & Clean services at the recommendation of a friend for several years. I'm definitely a fan.

December 15 2014

Awesome staff providing excellent service each and every time.

November 8 2014

I refer leads to this company, outstanding... Cheryl (owner) takes pride in... (company).

Stephanie C
November 11 2014

Cheryl (owner) is a die hard enthusiast of all things green and environmentally friendly. She is beyond dedicated to all her customers and to a quality, earth friendly, clean home.

October 31 2014

Her careful use of natural products and dedication to organization are unparalleled. Definitely recommend

December 14 2014

...this is amazing! Niaisha did a fantastic job!! ...  And my floors have not looked this good since we moved in! The only small thing is… there were some streaks on the stainless....   I am so glad that we found you!"

January 29 2015

It was absolutely wonderful - an incredible job — even better than I expected. The whole evening I kept discovering new things that she'd done ... Please pass along my sincere thanks for a job well done!

February 15 2015

Thanks for reaching out … Could not be more pleased with our first visit.... Our home smelled really clean and the hardwood floors looked incredible. The lemony smell was a little strong... I can't say enough how glad I am I reached out to your company and wish I would have started with you sooner.

March 6 2015

"I was VERY pleased with the quality of the cleaning. We may not be here after April 10th, but, I am interested in using your services wherever we end up! Thanks for a job well done.

Janice M
April 23 2015

I was happy with your cleaning service before you guys even came through the door. Way to set the tone! Heather's work yesterday did not disappointed. I have been ... recommending you.... Thanks!

Elizabeth H
May 6 11 2015

The cleaning went well! Heather was very nice and we have no complaints! Thanks so much

May 27 2015

I thought Heather did a great job. She reminds me of Ali in that she seems very methodical and thorough :-)... the house looks beautiful.

June 1 2015 and the staff .. are superb... terrifically organized, and also kindly responsive to me in my less-organized moments. ... phone, text, or email--all three work equally well ... the ethics of the operation are truly impressive--a rarity.

Also, I just have to say--I am SO grateful that Lila is so great with our dogs! She has Murray eating out of her hand. Which is impressive, because (as you know) he is extremely defensive. She also does a beautiful job with the cleaning! 

June 2 2015

We so appreciate the care Ali takes with our home. Everyone is so happy to walk into the house on Wednesday evening after she's been here!

June 20 2015

I am satisfied with the job that Heather did. She went quietly about her work and everything was clean and fresh when she was finished. I'm sure she will continue to do a great job as we continue with our cleanings.

July 15 2015

I just got home and the place looks and smells amazing. I'm very happy with (Lila's work). 

July 26 2015

Everything looked great.  Thanks so much! We loved her attention to detail and how she put things right back where she found them. We hate when we can tell things have been shifted and moved. She did a great job of not disturbing their placement while cleaning! Thank you!
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