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Common Questions

If you do not see the answer to your question here, check our Service Basics, Terms or reach out by email, phone or social media.

1) Which neighborhoods do you serve?
We offer cleanings inside the Atlanta perimeter. We are especially suited to very urban areas such as Virginia Highlands, Midtown, Downtown, Grant Park, Druid Hills, Kirkwood, Lake Clair, Edgewood, Candler Park, Old Fourth Ward, Decatur (around the square), Ansley Park, Buckhead South, West Midtown, as well as many other Atlanta communities. If we do not serve your area let us know and we may be able to make a referral to a reputable company.    

2) Do you require a contract?
No, you are not under a long term contract. We earn your business with every cleaning. You may cancel any or all services with 48 hours notice without further obligation.

3) Are you fully insured and workers protected?
Yes! We carry a full liability policy, and our cleaners are protected by worker's compensation.

4) Will you clean while my pets are at home?
We are a pet-friendly company. We consider the pet's needs and will work out a good solution for you and your pet. However, it is usually best that large dogs or some breeds be put in an area that is not cleaned or where the pet is securely crated. Dogs should not be allowed to jump on the cleaner or play with cleaning supplies while the cleaner is in your home. Even very friendly dogs can become upset when regular caretakers are not home, and a cleaner is using vacuums or dusting in areas where the dog may feel ownership. Most cats are fine to run throughout the home unless the cat tends to dash out of doors or is insistent in helping with dusting or cleaning. Please remember that cleaners cannot clean up pet accidents or change cat boxes or provide pet care. 

5) Do you guarantee my cleaning?  What about refunds?
Do you guarantee my cleaning? What about refunds?
If your home is not cleaned to your satisfaction, we will be happy to return to clean the areas of concern at no additional cost to you if the issue is reported within 24 hours of your cleaning. We do not offer refunds.

6) Is my quote guaranteed to be accurate?
Our quotes are highly accurate. Of course, they are based on the accuracy of the input as well as some other assumptions about your home. The most common error is underestimating square footage to be cleaned. We will make an effort to help you verify all information before cleanings start, so there are no surprises. Still, every once in a while the quote is too high or too low. If we make a mistake, we'll be up front and work out an equitable solution. If you know of a factor in your home which significantly lengthens the time needed to clean - such as walk-in showers with double shower heads or poor ventilation in a bathroom causing mold or mildew growth at a high rate - just let us know, and that will be taken into account.

7) What is your cancelation policy?
We require 48 hours' notice for cancellation, or you will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee. 100% of this fee is used to pay our cleaners a cancellation fee and to cover the associated employment taxes. Often, it does not fully offset lost income, but it helps. Our cleaners count on the income and cancellation without at least 48 hours' notice deprives them of income. Further, without advanced notice cleaners cannot make plans to use the extra free time for needed appointments or activities. Most importantly, some cleaners are unable to cancel child care arrangements with such late notice so suffer undue out of pocket expenses on a very tight budget because a customer cancels with less than the 48 hours notice.

Booking a cleaning is not typically an impulse purchase. Therefore, it is quite rare that we can book another single cleaning in less than 48 hours. Our cleaners greatly appreciate several weeks notice of cancellation due to predictable events such as vacations or renovations.   

8) Is there ever a waiver of the cancelation fee?
Yes! Because late cancellations are often due to sickness, emergency repairs or other life stress we allow our customer's with recurring cleanings (general cleanings every 1, 2 or 4 weeks) one free late cancellation per the calendar year. Of course, the cleaners would welcome the payment of the $50 fee in those instances should you volunteer to make that payment.

9) What is your lockout policy?
If we are locked out, and you can be reached by phone very quickly, the cleaner can sometimes wait for you to come and unlock the home for cleaning. However, the amount of cleaning time would be reduced by the wait time so the quality of the cleaning would be negatively impacted. If the cleaner has arrived at your home and we have made good faith attempts to reach you but cannot then a lockout fee of $50 will be charged. As with late cancellations, 100% of this fee is used to offset lost income to our cleaners and the associated employment taxes. Repeated lockouts will result in the full cleaning being charged.

10) I live in a high-rise. Is that a problem?
When you first begin service, it is a good idea to check with your front desk to see if there are predictable times when the desk may be closed or if there are backup measures in place for building/unit entry.

If we arrive at your building and the property manager is out, or the office is closed, but you can be reached by phone very quickly the cleaner can sometimes wait for you to come and unlock the home for cleaning. However, the amount of cleaning time would be reduced for the wait time so the quality of the cleaning would be negatively impacted. If the cleaner has arrived at your building and we have made good faith attempts to reach you but cannot, then a $50 fee will be charged with 100% used to offset the cleaner's lost income and the associated employment tax. Repeated lockouts, for whatever reason, will result in the full cleaning being charged.

11) I live in-town where parking is scarce.  What happens if you can't park close to my home or if the parking is paid?
If there is no suitable parking, our policy is to circle a few times looking for a space. If a space becomes available, the cleaning will be done. However, the wait time may reduce the amount of time for the cleaning so that the quality could be impacted. If this happens, we will notify you.

If we are unable to find a parking space despite several good faith attempts a $50 fee will be charged and applied to lost income for our cleaners. Repeated unavailability of parking will result in a full cleaning being charged. When you first begin service, it is a good idea to let us know about alternative parking strategies. If this tends to happen frequently around your home or if the visitor parking is limited at your building, please let us know. Together we can likely work out a solution.

Please note that if parking is paid, you will be charged for the amount of the parking cost.

12) What about tipping?
Showing your appreciation for a job well done is always welcomed! Tipping, specifically, is neither required nor expected. However, if you decide to tip or leave a holiday bonus, please make sure it is very clearly marked for the cleaner and left on the kitchen counter or table. Tips not clearly marked will not be taken. 

Non-monetary ways of showing your appreciation for the work our cleaners do is to give feedback via reply to email reminder, leave a good review on social media, leave a thank you note for a job particularly well done, keep your home temperature at a welcoming level on cleaning day, and keep late cancellations to a minimum. 

13) Will you use Bona Floor Cleaner?
Yes! If you supply Bona wood floor cleaner, we will be happy to use that product as it meets our eco-friendly standards and is used exactly in the same way as our standard floor cleaners. You do not need to supply the microfiber mop or microfiber pads as ours work perfectly with that product. However, all wood floors - and especially homes with pets or children - are cleaned thoroughly and gently using the floor products we provide at no cost. We will not use, nor do we recommend, the Bona refinisher or Bona polish. 

14) What about stainless steel? 
Stainless steel cleaning can be difficult, as each brand uses a different grade of stainless steel and homes vary in keeping water and liquids away from stainless. Our strong preference for stainless cleaning is buffing with a microfiber and all-purpose cleaner or cleaning with Earth Friendly brand stainless cleaner (Better Life Stainless). However, if your stainless has repeatedly been treated with oil based cleaners or has extensive water streaks or damage, please let us know so we can discuss a solution that is right for your home.

15) I am having some repairs or renovations done.  Can you still clean? 
For safety and quality reasons, Green & Clean workers should be the only contractors in your home on the day of the cleaning. Your contractor or handyman can usually schedule small jobs such as installing a light fixture or replacing a sink around your cleaning schedule. More extensive renovations and repairs may require putting your cleanings on hold for a short time. If anyone other than you or others living in your home will enter on the day of the cleaning, let us know. If you keep us up-to-date, then will be able to work out a solution. We do not do post-renovation cleaning, but we can recommend someone if this is not provided as part of the renovation contract.  

16) I have some items that are hard to reach.  Will you use a ladder?
We will reach items to the best of our ability on a regular basis and also via an extender duster during detail cleanings. We cannot use ladders for hard to reach areas.

17) Is the annual detail cleaning required?
Adding a detail package at least annually is highly recommended, but it is not required. By adding the detail package, you often extend the life of cabinets and baseboard paint, which saves you money over maintenance expense later. Many folks do their spring cleaning themselves. Thus, no detail package is needed. However, the vast majority of customers with recurring general cleanings are very pleased when a detail package is added on at least an annual basis.

18) Will you be able to remove all the mold and mildew in my shower?
Our products work well on soap scum and most calcium and lime deposits although if there is much build up, it may take repeated cleanings before this build up is removed. Mold and mildew are organic and feed on the soap and moisture in these areas that allow the mold and mildew to grow deep within grout or underneath caulk. Most cleaning products remove surface mold and mildew. However, deeply embedded mold or mildew requires maintenance such as resealing grout or replacing caulk to prevent mold and mildew issues.  

Resorting to even the most toxic products that include bleach or other acidic agents will not work. These products will often note in the label's fine print that mold or mildew embedded in older or worn grout or underneath silicone caulk may not be treatable with cleaning products alone. Often these toxic products only hasten the damage to grout sealant or caulk's microban, and the mold growth only accelerates over time. Therefore, it is best to clean with products such as ours and stick to a reasonable maintenance schedule for grout and caulk.    

Typically, caulk in a master shower would be replaced every 12 to 18 months (up to 5 years or more in a guest shower). Grout, when properly sealed, will last 3 to 5 years in a master shower and 7 to 10 in a guest shower. We are happy to assist with referrals for grout maintenance. Caulking replacement is a simple and inexpensive handyman or DIY task.

19) I didn't find the answer to my question.  How should I get in touch?
No problem! Just reply to your emailed quote, contact us by phone or email, or reach out on social media.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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