Our Story

We've always been into green.

Atlanta's first green maid service. 
We were born eco-friendly in 2003.

Our homes and our earth need eco-friendly cleaning to support our health today and our children's environment tomorrow. Since Atlanta had no green maids, Green & Clean was founded in 2003. We use plant-derived products in recyclable packaging. Our cleaning products list all ingredients and are water efficient. What's more, they are often manufactured in eco-friendly factories and then shipped eco-efficiently. 

Why our cleaners smile.

Our cleaners have busy, productive lives. The income earned by cleaners can help pay for a college education, a graduate degree, or enrichment activities for their children. Of course, sometimes it just pays the bills. Money can bring a smile! 

However, Green & Clean folks are in this for more than the money. Cleaners like to clean! Our cleaners get to know the home and family of customers. Cleaners can see for themselves that their work gives doctors more time for healing, mothers quality time with their children, and busy couples precious time to relax. Besides, a clean home brings such happiness to our customers we cannot help smiling.    

Caught by the press!
Check it out.

In 2006, The Wall Street Journal asked our founder, Cheryl Clayton, to offer guidance to fledgling green cleaning companies. Since then, we have worked with the press whenever we can to spread the word about green cleaning. Cheryl has appeared on EcoSense TV, and Care.com interviewed her on the advantages of buying from local service companies such as Green & Clean. Fox News 5 profiled Green & Clean in 2009. 

Meet our founder, Cheryl Clayton.

Green & Clean's chief cleaning nerd, Cheryl has infused the company's cleaning protocols and service standards with the industry's best practices then added a dash of personal insight. "Eco-friendly cleaning protects the well-being of both customers and cleaners equally" she points out frequently.

An escapee from corporate America, she still enjoys monitoring new business models and technologies -  especially those touching the home services industry. An outgoing introvert, in her spare time Cheryl enjoys Googling, taking long walks through Atlanta's downtown and delighting in her daughter's success. Cheryl completed her undergraduate work at The University of Georgia and earned her graduate degree at Fordham University.
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