Service Basics

How our service works.

Most questions you may have about Green & Clean and how our service works are below.  Or, you may want to check out the section on other common questions or feel free to reach out by email, phone or social media for more information at any time.  

1. We sell a defined set of cleaning tasks.
Green & Clean sells a pre-defined set of cleaning tasks we call a "cleaning package" which is performed on a recurring basis every week, every other week, or every fourth week.  These specific tasks are listed under the sections labeled All Rooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom on the What's Included? tab.  Only minor modifications are made to the list on a regular basis.  

One to four times per year we suggest customers group other light cleaning tasks such as blinds, baseboard washing (dusting included), or inside the refrigerator to make our regular cleaning package a "detail" or "spring" cleaning of their home.  About 85% of customers find that this pre-defined work package approach fits their needs. By using the pre-defined work package approach, Green & Clean has found that our quality per cleaning greatly increases without increases in cost to the customer.  For lightly soiled homes, our cleaning package works just fine for one time or occasional cleanings.  

2) We choose our products carefully.  
Green & Clean's products do not sacrifice green for clean. Or, vice versa. To achieve this and stay true to our green cleaning mission, we use only cleaning products that meet our eco-criteria to protect the health of your family, our cleaners, and our planet.  We use brands that can be purchased by you locally or online so that there is product consistency when you touch up between visits. Ask our cleaners anytime to show you the contents of kits or contact management for product advice.

3)  We choose our cleaners carefully.  
Each cleaner is background checked using the most extensive battery of verifications in the industry. Cleaners take part in a 20-hour training program including classroom and training in the field. Then cleaners must pass a test on the subject matter and techniques. We attract the best because we pay living wage rates. Living wages are more socially responsible than "competitive wage or minimum wage."  Cleaners are paid for commute time from morning kit pick up to your home and back which means their earnings are not diluted travel time.  We believe in fair labor practices.

4) You will have a personal cleaner (one accountable cleaner per home).
The feature that pleases our customers most is our commitment to one assigned cleaner per home!
One cleaner per home builds a strong relationship between you and Green & Clean and increases the accountability of our cleaners. All your recurring general cleanings (every 1, 2 or 4 weeks) are assigned the same one cleaner.
We want to know you and you to know us.  You can let us know if you want us to send a substitute automatically (if available) or cancel the cleaning should the cleaner be out sick or on vacation (you can re-book if needed).   
Important Note: Our cleaners are often completing graduate or undergraduate degrees or working on a fledgling new business of their own. Turnover is about every two years. Many cleaners have stayed four years or more. 

5) Cleaners bring a full kit of supplies and tools.
Cleaners bring high quality, eco-friendly agents, a full set of microfiber cloths, dusters, and grout brushes, a microfiber mop with extra microfiber mop pads and a dust mop attachment, and a vacuum. 

6) You supply toilet brush(es) and trash bags.
You need to provide at least one toilet bowl brush for each toilet and trash bags. We do not carry and share toilet bowl brushes between homes. 
7) Secure key storage is available.
Although we recommend keyless locks, we are happy to keep a key on file for your home. We store keys in lock boxes between cleanings. Keys are checked out by the cleaner for the cleaning on the day of the cleaning and returned for safe keeping when the cleaning day is complete.

8) General cleaning packages are best paired with a detail cleaning package at least once per year.
We recommend adding detail cleaning items at least once time per year.  This is because our regular package cannot affordable cover every item that should be cleaned in a home.  Therefore, we have pulled out tasks that can be effectively cleaned less frequently and encourage customers to add in those items only occasionally.   Details packages are not a required part of service.  However, when neglected for more than a year, a home will not have a fully fresh and clean appearance.    
IMPORTANT NOTE: One cleaner per home cannot always complete spring cleaning additions and regular cleaning on one day. Booking each one on a separate day works well. For example, an annual "spring cleaning" of tasks might be booked on a Tuesday with your general cleaning package on Thursday and this dual booking would result in what some folks think of as “spring cleaning.” However, we are happy to send two cleaners so that the work can be completed in one day if a staff member is available. Feel free to call or email about spring cleanings. 

9) We send courtesy reminder emails for each appointment. However, we cannot guarantee that emails will reach your primary inbox. It is the customer's responsibility to remember and prepare for appointments. 
We send emails the day before your scheduled cleaning to assist you in organizing your home cleaning calendar. However, each customer is responsible for adding recurring bookings to your calendar or schedule. Your email will indicate that you have not canceled, and your appointment stands as booked. Should you wait to cancel until your email arrives in your inbox, you will face a $50 late cancellation fee unless you are using the one free late cancellation you are allotted each year. The $50 fee is fully used to offset our cleaner's lost income and the associated employment taxes. IMPORTANT NOTE: 48 hours cancellation notice is required on any cleaning appointment (see terms for more information).

10) Payments are due on the day of the cleaning.
Your payments must be received the day of the cleaning or before, or late payment fees will apply. 

11) We offer one free late cancel per year for recurring customers.  Other late cancels incur a $50 fee paid to our cleaners.
As a company, we can afford some lost revenue due to late cancellations. However, our cleaner's cannot afford this luxury. Therefore, we require 48 hours' notice for cancellation, or you will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee where 100% of this fee is used to pay our cleaners a cancellation fee and to cover the associated employment taxes. This fee does not fully offset lost income or, in some cases out of pocket cost for cleaners such as non-refundable child care arrangements through schools and camp, but it helps. Further, without advanced notice cleaners cannot make plans to use the extra free time for needed appointments or activities. This fee is due even if the cleaning is rescheduled to another time. However, for recurring customer's we allow one late cancel per year due to an emergency although payment of the $50 fee is always appreciated. Green & Clean's staff is so awesome in part because they are compensated fairly.   

12) You may choose from two arrival times.
The two arrival windows are First Arrival (between 9 AM and 10 AM) or Drop-In (set day, no set time).
Important Note: Drop-In arrivals may be as early as 9 AM if there is either 1) First Arrival booked for that day or 2) the First Arrival customer cancels that day.

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