What's included?

What's included each cleaning?

All Rooms

  • dust furniture
  • dust baseboards, window sills, chair rails
  • damp wipe eating area
  • take out trash and recycling
  • dust mop under low furniture
  • vacuum floors
  • mop hard surface floors with floor cleaner
  • fluff and turn pillow
  • fold throw blankets


  • clean and sanitize counter
  • clean sink (scour if needed)
  • clean stove top 
  • wipe canisters & small appliance exteriors
  • clean refrigerator, dishwasher, stove exteriors
  • clean inside & outside of microwave
  • clean cabinet fronts around knobs/pulls/spills
  • polish stainless and chrome 


  • clean and sanitize counters
  • clean and sanitize sink, tub, shower
  • clean and sanitize bowl, rim, outside toilet
  • clean spots and grime off mirrors
  • clean cabinets around handles/pull/spills
  • shake or vacuum bath mats or throws
  • hand wash floors in small baths
  • vacuum and mop floors in large bathrooms


  • make beds or change bed linens (if left out)
  • place dirty linens in the hamper
  • dust mop under beds/dressers
  • shake or vacuum small rugs
  • fluff and turn pillows
  • fold throw blankets

Top quality products

  • top brands: Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly, Rubbermaid, Quickie, Shark, and more.
  • verified green products
  • climate controlled product storage
  • MSDS sheets available for all products
  • true HEPA filters
  • large stack of sanitary microfiber cloths each cleaning
  • multiple microfiber mop heads and dust mop covers 
Nicole's story.

Same cleaner, each time.  

  • builds trust and respect between customer and cleaner
  • highly accountable system for cleaning and home safety
  • promotes deep understanding of home's cleaning issues
  • more efficient use of time to clean (known location of trash bags, working plugs, areas for pre-treating) 
  • cleaners feel safer in a well-known work environment
  • lessens breakage and damage
  • old school? Sure, but it works!
  • issues? Yep, occasional rescheduling due to illness or vacation. Also, one cleaner for homes over 4000 sq. feet doesn't work well. Current customers are happy and comfortable with this system. 

Peace of mind

  • fair labor practices: living wages including travel time, I-9 reporting, new hire reporting, taxes collected, unemployment insurance, and worker's compensation.
  • national background checks 
  • HCT certified firm (pending 90 days)
  • healthy cleaning practices
  • 20-hour classroom and field training program for new hires
  • continuous training and every 90-day reviews
  • fully insured for liability
  • 12+ year track record for company
  • member industry association (ARCSI)
  • if we mess up we'll try to make it right

Sometimes need more?  
Try an annual, semiannual, or quarterly add-on. 

  • inside refrigerators
  • extender dusting for cobwebs
  • extender dusting for ceiling fans (when in reach).
  • baseboard and woodwork washing
  • washing switch plates and doorknobs
  • detail walk in closet floors
  • dust blinds (ask for a referral for washing)
  • vacuum upholstered furniture
  • wipe washer dryer & detail washer room floor
  • other light cleaning tasks
  • make your own list from above and ask for a quote. 

What we cannot clean.
When we cannot work.  

  • Safety & health: We cannot clean up pet accidents, excessive excrementblood, "Easy-off" oven cleaningwindows (spot cleaning ok)items not in ready reach or requiring the use of a ladder, or outdoor areas.   
  • Your home, our workplace: To keep a safe and respectful work environment for our cleaners, we will not clean around contagious illness, folks not in street clothes, or areas of the home that are in active use (such as cleaning kitchens around food preparation).  We can't clean "around" other contractors, please schedule those for other days, or ask to reschedule your cleaning. 
  • Daily work: Daily tasks such as loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher, picking up clothes and clutter, and placing anything that should be thrown away in a trash can should be done prior to our arrival.    
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