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$1O gift card
Refer a friend, and you will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card for every referral who becomes a a recurring customer with weekly, every other week, or every 4-week service.  
Gift cards are awarded after your referral's 5th cleaning.
To become a refer-a-friend member:
  • Fill out this form and choose a referral code (we suggest your last name plus a number or symbol).  
  • Give friends, family, co-workers, or your customers your referral code.
  • Make spreading the word easier by sharing your code on social media with a link to our website. Or, ask for referral cards and some flyers for your business.
  • Remember, your referral code must be submitted before starting regularly scheduled recurring service. Later codes will not be accepted.
  • We will keep you updated by email when you are eligible for a gift card. 

Offer does not apply to one time or occasional cleaning customer referrals. You need not be an existing customer to have a refer-a-friend account.  For a variety of factors, we may not be able to accommodate all customers who want cleaning service so when this is the case no gift cards will be awarded to you or your referral because the customer did not become a recurring customer with at least five cleanings. This program may be discontinued at the discretion of management.

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